best cafe in jeju Top 5 recommended by Jeju Island travel plannersbest cafe in jejubest cafe in jeju Top 5 recommended by Jeju Island travel planners

best cafe in jeju

best cafe in jeju

Hello! I worked as a planner for a travel program in Jeju Island for about 2 years, and I still work in various businesses such as accommodation when I have lived in Jeju Island for 5 years. I will run a program and recommend it to people and give you tips on finding my favorite Jeju cafe TOP 5 and delicious cafes!

All the posts here are based on my experience and information, not advertising, so you don’t have to doubt it. However, taste and taste are different for each person, so please don’t say too much that you don’t like it…

I’m not good at taking pictures, so there are some that have pictures and some that don’t, so just refer to it and if there’s a place you like, please search for it!

best cafe in jeju TOP 5 여행가게

This is a teahouse located in a quiet village in Namwon, Seogwipo. It is a place where there are various tea and teacups from all over the world that the owner bought while traveling around the world. The biggest reason why I recommend this place is that you can smell dozens of tea leaves that are hard to see and order and drink the tea you want. I’ve been visiting this place often because I wasn’t interested in cars.

Also, there are many books, and it is a great place to read or rest quietly in a small and cozy atmosphere. It’s good to go here on sunny days, but I think rainy days are more cozy and nice. The owner sometimes closes the store because he goes on a trip, so you have to check it out on Instagram. There are a variety of writing instruments right next to the travel store, so it’s good to look around together!

best cafe in jeju TOP4 쟈키커피

This is a really small cafe located in Dongmun Market, and I happened to stop by when I went to buy omegi rice cake as a gift for my acquaintance. It was a very comfortable place to drink coffee alone and feel the vitality of the market when I was sitting by the window. The coffee with the accent is good and the latte is really good. 

The coffee was really good, but it turned out that this place is a good place for cookies…I tried all kinds of food and it was so good…It’s the best cookie I’ve ever had in Jeju Island! I don’t remember the name, but the black cookie was the bestㅜㅜ 

There are times when it’s sold out, so order it on Instagram and go!

best cafe in jeju TOP3 테라로사 서귀포점

I’ve been to Terra Rosa all over the country, and strangely, it didn’t taste good… But there were two places that I thought were good, this place and the Busan branch! I’ve been to this place many times and tried various kinds, but I think latte is the best.

The signature of this place is a huge window, through which you can drink coffee while looking out. I personally recommend drinking while listening to birdsong under the shade of trees rather than there! There is a tangerine field here, so you can feel like drinking in the forest!

best cafe in jeju TOP2 트라인커피

This place is run by a barista champion, and you’ll know if you try it, but it tastes really luxurious. It felt like the staff were making coffee in a craftsmanship. It’s located in a very quiet place and the interior is clean, so I felt like I was in Europe

Just Americano or latte is good, but the real signature here is an apogato with hagen dazs, sweet almonds baked by themselves, and rosemary raised by themselves! It looks good and tastes good… I sell almonds separately, but I buy one whenever I come out after drinking coffee

best cafe in jeju TOP1 커피템플

This place is also run by a barista champion, and by my standards, it has the best coffee taste in Jeju Island. There are delicious menus with fruits such as tangerine latte and clean espresso, and there are so many different types of coffee beans that you always drink more than two cups every time you go

Temple flat white?There was a sweet and delicious menu, but they said it disappeared… I heard that adding syrup to flat white tastes similar, but if you like neat and sweet taste, try it…

The seats inside are a little small, so many people sit outside, but I think it’s a good place to stay when the wind blows. Please visit my favorite coffee template at Jeju Cafe!

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